Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Poudre River

The fisherman hatch was on! Everyone was anticipating upcoming bad weather, according to local meteorologist and decided to hit the river. The crisp air required layers; however, the clear sky and good friends made the crisp air disappear. The Poudre River was running at 219cfs, higher than last week.  

After the the traditional breakfast burrito, hot coffee, and discussion about what flies would be the starting line up, we hit the water. The fish have started to leave their winter lies and have moved throughout the river, to include tight along the bank. The "Poudre slime" on our flies was an obvious indicator that our flies where deep enough. The goal was to have a higher percentage of fish being removed then the Poudre slime.

The flies of the day were #16 black zebra midges, #12 gold bead head Hares-ears, and #16 ABU. 9-1/2 leaders were used with the larger # 12 as the lead fly followed by the zebra midge or ABU. We fished upstream and targeted every obstruction that broke the current. We were rewarded with a number of beautiful Poudre Browns.

A leader you have to try is produced by Cut Throat Leaders out of Boise, Idaho. They can be reached at Their furled nymph leaders have an amazing ability to turn over  the flies. The particular leader I was using was their olive green "Hi-Vis Nymphing Leader". Check them out!

I want to pass along another piece of equipment that I wish I would have used long ago while on the river....a back support belt. If you have ever used one, you know the benefits and if you have not I am sure you are laughing; however, they reduce the amount of back fatigue you will feel at the end of a day nymphing. The belt I use came from a hardware store and you will recognize it as a standard back support used in a variety of professions to prevent back injury. It is black nylon, with Velcro adjustments and suspenders. I put the belt on prior to putting on my waders and fish with it all day. 

River Etiquette: Realllllllly!?! We all want to be on the water and remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle that is our daily routine; however, we should be stewards of our rivers and ambassadors of our sport.

  • Give other anglers room to fish undisturbed. 
  • Determine whether the angler is going upstream or downstream. Watch or ask!
  • If your favorite spot is taken, find another one... Don't drop in!
  • When was the last time you shared your favorite fly with a stranger on the river?
  • Keep our rivers clean!
Tight lines!

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  1. Great first post!!! I really like the content and information that you provided, including the tips on etiquette and the new leaders! Looking forward to your next post.


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