Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Denver Fly Fishing Show

The 2013 nymphing season is on! (Not that the season in Northern Colorado is ever over…) My buddy and I officially announce the “start” to our season by attending the annual Fly Fishing Show in Denver. The show is a time that we reflect on the seasons past, look at new gear, dream about trips we can’t afford, and seek to pick the brains of area and nationally recognized masters to improve our skills.

The show is three days long and depending on the season; we typically attend one or two days. This year, I was able to be there two days. The show has been coined by some as “the fly fisher’s garage sale”, “a fly fishing swap meet”, or  a number of other phrases that describe a group of fly fishers gathered to get an edge that will catch them more fish, improve their skills, belong to a not so secret society, or look for that elusive “deal”. We start our day bright and early, grab our traditional cup of coffee and breakfast. We arrive an hour early, like expectant kids.  The show begins for us in the parking lot looking at all of the fishing rigs! Everything from the unsuspecting Subaru Outback to the decal adorned fly fishing machine with multiple hi tech, high end, fly fishing rod vaults!

The doors open and the lines to get admission tickets form. I get a sense that everyone is fighting for a position on the river in hopes of finding the first fisht. This year’s show had approximately 17 fly tyers, 124 vendor booths, and three days of speakers, authors, casting demonstrations and classes for all levels. The crowds were larger than normal; yet a sense of camaraderie and not the pushing and shoving you would expect at a gathering of this size.

Show highlights this year included talking with Charlie Hansel, the Grand Junction chapter representative of Project Healing Waters, Project Healing Waters is “dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.”  Bruce Peck,, is starting a chapter in Northern Colorado. Stand by for more on this amazing opportunity to give back to those that have given so much for our country and way of life! THANK YOU TO ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL  AND THEIR FAMILIES.

The creativity and amazing flies that are produced by the seemingly effortless skills that the fly tyers have humble anyone that has ever sat in front of a vise. The fly tying beginner or expert could enjoy demonstrations, speak with celebrity fly tyers', or participate in the many tying classes.  It is always a pleasure to speak with and watch Northern Colorado’s very own, Rick Takahashi , angler, fly tyer and author of Modern Midges.

Ed Engle, no need for introduction to the nymphing world, demonstrated tremendous skill tying small (micro) flies!  Other notables included Dave Whitlock, Gary Borger, A.K. Best, Rick Hafele and Charlie Craven.

John Geer and associates with Tenkara USA were educating the masses on the Tenkara fishing system and it was very exciting to see how the Tenkara approach to fly fishing is growing in the country. I enjoyed spending time looking at new models of the Tenkara rods, talking with John and watching others interested in bringing a new approach to their nymphing arsenal. 

I can’t say enough about the selection and quality of the leaders produced by Mike Morin and Cutthroat Leaders. Great guys and constantly changing up their leaders to meet the needs of the anglers that use them. They are very responsive and have a variety of nymphing leaders to include leaders they have built for the Tenkara system.

For the bamboo enthusiast, the museum quality display that depicts the history and development of the bamboo rod is worth the price of admission in and of itself. An entire section of the show is set up for the bamboo enthusiast including, vendors, builders and bamboo restorers.

You know that special book that you have in your library that you have read and reread and then read again… The authors’ booth allowed you to get that favorite signed by the author! Think about the nymphers in your life and what wonderful gifts to give… a personally autographed edition of their favorite book! A signed Gierach, “No shortage of Good Days”, or a signed copy of your fish’in buddies favorite Borger, Hafele, Engle, Takahashi, Craven or Best would endear you to your fish’in buddy and get you first water without a doubt!

The show provides a number of classes, from free one hour seminars to classes with the experts. I would recommend a notebook, and plan the classes you want to attend as soon as you get into the show. The classes run from around 9:00am until 4:00pm. It is amazing the wealth of information and knowledge that is available to you to improve your nymphing skills. I listened to Gary Borger, Rick Hafele, and Ed Engle share their knowledge about nymphing!

It warms my heart every time I see a father with his son, or a grandfather with his grandson at the show. I reminisce back to times spent on the river with my father and have to smile because you know the sport is in good hands.

The Denver Fly Fishing Show is always a treat! If you have not had a chance to attend, the show will make additional stops around the country,, you should! 


  1. Nice report on the show. A good time was had by all!

  2. Thanks for the feedback cofisher! It was a great show this year!

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  4. Ashanti! Thanks for the visit and the comments! Stop by anytime! What an exotic destination to go fly fish!

  5. So many times I have heard this fly fishing and it was really amazing! Hopefully the can visit South Holston, TN and treat us for tennessee fly fishing show. I am really looking forward to attend that show.

    1. Charlotte! Thanks for stopping by. If you get the chance to attend any of the shows they are definitely worth attending. Thanks for the comments.

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    1. Dan! Thanks for stopping by and the positive comments! Already looking forward to the 2014 show! It is definitely a great way to energize for the upcoming season!


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