Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cutthroat Leaders

Three years ago I ran into Mike Morin at the Denver Fly Fishing Show and we spent a lot of time talking about his hand tied, custom designed furled leaders. I was immediately impressed with the simplicity, innovation and design of his leaders. We spent time talking about a new leader at the time, a custom designed nymph leader that incorporated indicator material into the leader and allowed the tippet material to be attached with tippet rings. After about half an hour of taking Mike's time, which he gladly gave, I purchased a couple of nymph leaders and dry fly leaders for my fishing partner. We have fished those leaders ever since and have had tremendous success with them. We have used them on our Tenkara rigs, nymph fishing, and he has enjoyed great success with his dry fly rig. If you read my previous post on, Reducing Fish Mortality, my fishing partner, JT, forwarded me some information from Mike's newsletter the inspired the post.

When I asked Mike for permission to re-post the information, he agreed to take some time out of his day to tell me a little more about his company.

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I am originally from Back east, Just north of Boston.  I moved out West 18 yrs ago to fish and archery Hunt....  I was single and young.  Lived in Northwest Montana for 6 six years, just outside of Glacier National Park.  I spent much time fishing and hunting the areas in and around Glacier National Park. When I moved from Montana, I traveled much of the west fishing along the way.  Spent time in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Idaho.  When I reached Idaho, I figured we would settle down for about 12 months and move on to different water... That was 12 yrs ago.  A few houses and a couple of kids later, we are still here and loving every minute of it. 

For those of us that do not know Cutthroat Leaders, tell us about your company...
Cutthroat Leaders is small fast growing company that is based in Boise ID.  All of our leaders are hand made here in town.   We have a rapidly growing list of very loyal customers.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Word of mouth is our best advertising and it really has worked. The business began with Dry Fly Leaders Only.  We now make leaders for 0 wt rods all the way up to 10 wt Spey leaders.  We also hand craft leaders for Tenkara (Japanese style of fishing with no reel). We offer reinforced thread leaders as well as nylon and flourocarbon furled leaders. 

What do you want fly fishers to think of when they think of Cutthroat Leaders...
When fly fishers think of Cutthroat Leader Co, I want them to think Quality, American Made products that really do work.  Over the past few years, I have witnessed some very seasoned, very skeptical fly fishers turn into some of our very best customers/promoters.  This still makes me smile...We receive many emails from seasoned fly fishers after their first day on the water with our leader and they are in pure amazement. 

What is a furled leader...
Furled leaders are made similar to the making of rope, but the rope has a knot-less taper.  Makes for amazing energy transfer.  If you have coils / memory in your tapered mono leader, you are not casting as efficiently or accurately as you can.  

I understand that you make leaders by special request...
We do make custom leaders by request.  That is where many of our designs have come from.  A customer makes a request and we developed a leader that works for him/her.  After we know the leader design works well, we will add it to our list of available products. 

New Products for 2013-2014 include...
New Products for 2013-2014 are the adjustable Indicator Leader.  This is a basic leader design that many guides across the west use.   Great for fishing fast moving water, awesome on float trips.   

We are also working on a leader design that facilitates a "Dump Cast".   Great cast for getting drag free drifts.  

Also, we are expanding our saltwater line up.  As I type, We have guys right now in Belize, Hawaii, and Mexico testing out saltwater leaders.  We already have a big following in the Bone Fishing Crowd.  Accurate casting, great presentations and they cut the wind like a knife. 

 Always a pleasure to talk to Mike and he believes in being innovative and meeting your leader needs for the river!

Here is Mike's contact information!
Michael D. Morin 


  1. Enjoyed the post, great interview. Looks like those leaders are well thought out.

    1. Hey BDF! Thanks for stopping by! I hear that their dry fly leader is pretty amazing at cutting through the wind...I have only heard obviously not tried hahahaha

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