Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time Travel Through July!

Waiting for July...

I am still waiting for July! Even thought the calendar clearly reflects that it is July 24th as I am typing this, I am still mentally somewhere in June! I was fishing one day in June and then I time traveled to July 24th!

During that time travel, I saw myself handling honey-do's, meeting the demands of work and the general craziness called life! I hit rewind, and I am still trying to figure out where the fishing went.

A couple of highlights of my time travel included...

My family was blessed with its first grandchild!  What an amazing experience!

 Tate and mother are both doing awesome!

Camping and fly fishing with my lil man in Red Feather, Colorado.

A week was spent hanging with my wife and son watching him school me in the art of imitating crawdads with an olive green woolly bugger and catching trout! 

The weather was amazing and the crack of the fire in the evenings coupled with the smell of marshmallows took me back to trips with my mom and dad.

I spent time in the belly boat at Parvin Lake chasing the early morning sunrise. Amazing! The crisp air was energizing to the skin yet the smell of the moist morning calmed the senses. I shared the lake the entire morning with geese and spent more time admiring the beauty of the morning than fishing. 

The serenity was broken by the unmistakable sound of my camera sliding in to the lake. I have lost cameras in the past and have learned to use a lanyard; however, the camera not being water proof was frustrating to say the least! 

JT and I traveled to beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park to check out the BIg Thomson River running through Moraine Park.  We arrived in the park just as the sun was warming the valley floor. Clear blue skies promised a beautiful day on the river. 

We fished the middle section of the Thompson between the Cub Lake and Fern Lake trail heads  It is amazing how lush the burn areas are already in the park. JT and I set out from the truck and quickly ducked into the fenced off elk fencing as two coyotes walked up the dirt road towards us. Not being able to speak coyote prevented us from hanging out and determining their intentions.

The thunderstorms that had rocked the area prior to our arrival coupled with the mid to high 90 degree weather of late resulted in some high water that looked just like Nestle Chocolate Milk. The water did not discourage us. We used zebra midges, ABU's, and oversized hares ears on our Tenkara rods.

I heard the unmistakable sound of a slurp and dull clunk as I yet again lost my camera to the river! The lanyard was a huge help; however, I would get to test whether or not rice would convince the water to leave the camera body a second time!

The tourist hatch was in full swing and we commented a number of times how fortunate we were to live in a part of the country that people travel from around the world to enjoy; yet, we are a less than an hour away.

Tips from the Trip...
Babies are a gift from God!
Family completes us
When all is said and done, small things in life are the big things
Fly fishing should be shared with family and friends every change your get
Time travel is possible just wear your helmet and seat belt
Rice does draw water out of your drowned camera! Just don't turn it on, remove the batteries and the sd card.

 Happy Nymphing!


  1. Great tips!!
    Enjoy, you only get one ride.

    1. Kevin,
      Thanks for stopping by buddy and you are so correct one ride and it is up to us to appreciate all the ride offers! Tight lines!

  2. Nice report Al! Glad the camera survived the dunking x2 and what a blessing to welcome a new family member. You're living the life!

    1. Howard! Thanks for the comments! Yeah I have a heck of a time keeping my camera from thinking it is a fish. I know the problem my head is inserted! hahahaha The grandson is amazing! Always a pleasure my friend!

  3. Noco
    What an awesome post; a great way to kick back and relax and get some fishing time in as an added bonus. thanks for sharing

    1. Bill! It is always a pleasure having you stop by! Thanks for the comments and it was a wonderful trip.

  4. Actually, you have received two gifts from God so noted in this post. First and foremost, welcome to "Grandfatherhood". It is an example of family that so enriches all of us over time. He is a keeper!

    Secondly, the other gift from God is beautiful and wonderful Colorado. Thanks for sharing it with us on this post.

    1. Mel! The grandson is definitely a blessing and has changed our lives! Thank you for keeping me grounded and remembering the blessing that is our beautiful state! Thank you for your kind words and support!

  5. Very nice post! A great reminder on how important family is..

    1. BDF!!!! Family is it brother! Thanks for stopping by my friend and look forward to getting on the water with ya.

  6. Last time I saw June, he was flyin' out the back door with August hot on his heels. What is this "July" of which you speak?

    Usually, it is frustrating how often the distractions of life conspire during the fishing season to keep us off the rivers and lakes. A new grandson, however, puts that back into perspective. Tate is just as blessed, Al, as he has you to someday teach him tight lines.

    Congratulations again!

    1. Hey Brother! Thank you for your kind words! It is I who is blessed by my family and amazing friends! I look forward to chasing salmon in Gunnison with ya...the countdown has begun.


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