Friday, August 23, 2013

Tenkara on the Gore Creek in Vail, Colorado

I had the opportunity to spend some time on the Gore Creek in Vail, Colorado. 

Amazing backdrop to spend some time on the water. The Gore Creek runs the length of the town of Vail and is nestled at the foot of the Gore Mountain Range. 

The Gore Creek is a free stone stream that resembles the visions of those writing about fly fishing on a rocky mountain stream. 

It has the typical aqua-scape, pool riffle run along its 18.5 mile length that an angler can find flat meadow meanders, narrows, deep pools, plunge pools, riffles that are skinny or deep and pocket water that houses some amazing brook, rainbow and brown trout.

The cool crisp mountain air was refreshing. With the exception of the scheduled afternoon thunderstorm, the weather was amazing and the water was cold and clear. 

The second day found the stream getting milky after a thunderstorm on the Gore Mountain Range over the night.

Depending upon where one chose to fish, you were alone on the stream or surrounded by pedestrians, none of which were fishing. 

The fish did not seem to mind what the crazy people where doing.

I wet waded and fished the Gore Creek for three days! With my chest pack and a collapsed fly rod, I received strange looks from the few people that saw me as I headed to the stream. 

I used a 9' tapered fluorocarbon leader with 4' of 5X tippet. I fished three flies...a #16 ABU, black zebra midge, and a bead head hares ear.

Standing in the Gore Creek surrounded by the beauty of the Vail Valley made me stop and just take it all in as the cold water rushed around by sandaled feet and bare legs.

My efforts of climbing around boulders and fishing pocket water was rewarded with brook and brown trout.

I wish I could share with you a picture of the fish that took my fly, played with me for a while before he decided that he had enough and effortlessly snapped my line. It is the experience that an angler remembers, the story that is retold, and a longing to try it again but use skill or talent you believe you have but where unable to find at the time that would have made the difference and brought the fish to net. It is the memory of the fish that was undoubtedly the biggest in the hole the beast of the river. It is the one that gets away. At the very second the line breaks, all of your senses are at their peak, and in a fraction of a second, your senses plummet to a low that leaves you motionless. An eerie calmness comes over you and as fast as it came it is replaced with disbelief and dismay.....ahhhh gimme another chance! Fish one angler zero. It keeps us coming back.

If you get up to the Vail Valley make sure and stop in and say hello to Matt, Mark or Nate of the Gore Creek Fly fisherman.  Awesome dudes that know there stuff about fly fishing the Eagle Valley. You can find them in Lionshead, Avon or Beaver Creek! Check em out at

Happy Nymphing!

I AM HEADING TO ALMONT, COLORADO... I will share the trip with ya when I get back! Gonna chase browns and rainbows on the Gunnison, Taylor, East, Spring Creek, and any water that calls to me.


  1. Another magnificent post. I really enjoy your attention to detal, I never knew GC was only 18.5 miles long!

    I've enjoy fishing that area a couple times in the past. Thanks for the great report, glad you were able to spend some time there.

    1. Hey BDF! Yeah it is a relatively small stretch of water but from beginning to end it has a lot of over looked water that holds a lot of really nice browns and brook trout! Welcome back from your trip and I look forward to some posts!

  2. Absolutely great post. I've never fished Gore although I've spent alot of time in the area. My bad, I didn't know what I was missing. Have a great trip to the Gunnison country Al.

    1. Howard! Hope you are doing well buddy! Just got back from Gunnison country and it was a blast! Thanks for your well wishes and I will share some of the highlights of the trip soon. Fished a lot of good water and caught some nice fish! Thanks for checking in and Ill get caught up with Windknots this weekend!

  3. Beautiful trout, is the one 4th from the bottom a brookie?

    1. Atlas! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find something that is enjoyable and I will post recent trip reports this weekend. Two of the trout pictured were brook trout the rest were browns! Ill come check you out as well!

  4. I envy you so, not only for the beauty of this place, but the freestone streams you have to fish out that way. Outstanding looking trout as an added bonus to this trip, great post thanks for sharing

    1. Bill! I just got back from a trip and will share some other trout adventures with ya this weekend. I will get caught up with fishing through life as well. Thank you for stopping by and always having time to comment!


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