Saturday, March 28, 2015

Poudre River Report in Pictures… March 20, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words... A great day on the Poudre River!

Poudre River Spring Pool

A frosty Tenkara morning

Sunrise peeking into the Poudre Canyon
Poudre River Brown

Early morning Poudre River Brown on a #16 zebra midge

Gin clear

Blessed to be able to share its beauty!

Tenkara Iwana Brown

Frosty morning on the Poudre River, Larimer County Colorado

The Pool

Caught and release to create a memory for another fly fisher


Poudre River Rainbow

Caught and released
JT's Poudre River Brown, Larimer County, Colorado

It was a fantastic day on the river!


Weather: Clear and sunny day with the reminder of winter in the shade
Water: Clear 40 degree water running at about 120cfs
Fly fisher hatch: low
Fish: bows and browns
Rig: Tenkara with double nymph rig
Nymphs: #16 ABU, #16 black Zebra Midge  and #12 Hares Ear
Time: 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Happy Nymphing!


  1. Looks like a fantastic outing. I think you caught too many fish...they put holes in your gloves.

    1. Hey Drew! The gloves are like those old waders and boots. They have been there so long and fit just right its hard to get rid of them! Looking forward to your next trip! Tighlines

  2. I love the Poudre. I wish I could convince my wife to love it as well. That looks like a really good day surrounded by the beauty of Poudre canyon. Thanks buddy. I'll be there as soon as runoff is over.

    1. Howard! I hear ya my friend, when momma is happy we are happy! After run off, we will chase some of the Poudre browns and bows! I will keep ya updated. I plan to continue working the canyon until it runs me to the Tooth for smallies. Thanks for stopping by and send Mel my best!

  3. Very nice report! It is a dream for many people including me to go fishing in such famous streams. Perhaps one day will I make a fly swim there!

    1. Chris thanks for the nice words. You have an open invitation if you make it out here and we will get you into some fish! Thanks again for the comments and stopping by! Tightlines!

  4. Great photo essay! You did a very nice job of capturing the experience. Great post!

    1. Hey Brother! Long time no chat. Have safe travels and look forward to your trip reports. I am sure BDF will find some hidden water during your travels. Thanks for the positive words and we will hit the water soon.

  5. How come Mr. Big Dry Fly doesn't catch this many or this big of trouts on the Poudre River? (Stirring the pot...) HA...

    1. HAHAHA You know why! It is the nymph thing! I keep trying to tell him...HAHA I am waiting for his next post, BDF and Dave did well on the Poudre. Safe travels brother and look forward to your trip posts!

  6. Every time I see this place I think it can't get any prettier, but these images proved me wrong. The trout that the Poudre gives up are just as beautiful as the surroundings. How far do you live from the Poudre? I am assuming the Poudre is where you do the majority of your trout fishing; for me it would be 100% all the time!!
    P.S. What length Tenkara were you using? Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill! How are you buddy! In 45 minutes we are on the water fishing. It is pretty close to us. Majority or our fishing is the Big Thompson Canyon, Poudre Canyon and Rocky Mountain National Park. Every chance we get to get on other water we make that happen as well. We are blessed to be near some of the water that is in our backyard. Even after the floods, they are rebounding. I was using the 11ft Iwana. Always a pleasure and I am keeping close tabs on your Bluegill hunt!


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