Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Is Around the Corner…

Poudre River Canyon

 Sunday and the Sun Is Out...!

Called up JT and by 11:00am we were loading up the truck heading to the Poudre River with hopes of dodging the fly fisher hatch, spending some time in the sun and spending some time on the river pre-runoff.

No wind, clear skies and 50 degree weather had us anxious to get to the river. We lucked out! We dodged the fly fisher hatch, rather surprising actually, because we were getting outside rain, snow or shine and figured everyone else would be on the same page.

Poudre River Gin

The canyon is transitioning from the holds of winter to the mud season of pre-spring to the future transformation of spring. 

The floating ice signaled the changing of the seasons. 

The water is gin clear and we know that it will be a torrent soon. 38 degrees still makes the feet numb and the fish feel as if they were taken out of the refrigerator. Not cold enough to keep us out of the water.

JT and I fished a double nymph rig on our Tenkara rods and were introduced to Poudre River Brown’s using #16 ABU's, #18 black Zebra Midges and #14 Copper John's. The leader was 13-14 feet long before the lead nymph and then another 8 inches before the next nymph. Bead heads helped get the nymphs down to the noses of fish holding in deeper water. JT used a Cutthroat nymph leader and I used a 10 1/2 tapered 5X Umpqua trout leader.

Tenkara USA 11ft Iwana

Tips from the Trip:

Enjoy the moment: Enjoy the drive, the time with your fishing buddy and be present in the moment. The places we fish tell different stories every time we visit, if we just take the time to listen.
JT's Poudre River Brown
Layers: Layers for warmth and you never know when you might go swimming and need to change or go home… Another story for another time.

Don’t be that fly fisher: As excited as we were to get on the water…stop and check the water. Make sure there are no other fly fishers on the water or moving into the water. Don’t be classless and jump into water a fly fisher is working. Smile, share some stories and swap some flies. The fishing gods will reward you.

Change what you think you know: During season transitions, look for fish in all the water not the water that typically holds fish for ya.
Fish Pond's Thermometer...38 degrees

Happy Nymphing!


  1. Great stuff. I could feel the warm sun shinning through those cool pictures. I can't imagine fishing those waters w/o a wild fly fisher hatch in full force. Hope your good fortune continues!!

    1. Drew, Thanks for the comments! We are a little spoiled and I will continue to share with ya. Keep up the great work on your blog! Look forward to your adventures!

  2. Thanks Al, I really needed to see some local water. I'm glad you guys got out and enjoyed the beautiful day. Soon...

    1. Always a pleasure my friend! When you are ready say the word and we will get on the water!


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